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Cletus Packiam

IAFPA Chairman

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Cletus Packiam (Chairman)

Cletus Packiam is presently the Chief, Airport Emergency Service (AES) at Changi Airport Group.

The AES provides rescue and airfield fire protection services to the highest international standards for both the civilian and military airfields in the Singapore. It is staffed by over 500 trained specialists. Cletus assumed leadership of the AES from 5 May 2008.

Prior to this appointment, he was the Chief at Abu Dhabi airport emergency service from 28 Aug 2006 till May 2008. Cletus has been actively involved in IAFPA matters since 2005 and has recently accepted the appointment of Chairman

John Trew

IAFPA Vice Chairman

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John Trew (Vice Chairman)

John has worked within the Aviation Fire and Rescue Service for over 36 years in Military and Civil Airports, including roles within Senior Management at London Heathrow and Gatwick.

In these roles, he gained extensive operational experience in management of complex operations, before working in the Safety Regulation Group of the UK Civil Aviation Authority as an Aerodrome Inspector within the Aerodrome Standards department.

Gillies Crichton

IAFPA Vice Chairman

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Gillies Crichton (Vice Chairman)

Gillies joined the BAA Airport Fire Service at Edinburgh Airport in June 1988 and gained several promotions till reaching the position of Station Officer in August 1994.

He was promoted to Senior Airport Fire Officer at Glasgow Airport in March 1998 where he served in that position till 2005 when he took up his current role as Head of Assurance for Glasgow Airport. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in command & control and crisis management having led the Glasgow Airport Crisis Team during the Terrorist Attack on the Airport in June 2007. He is in great demand as a speaker at conferences worldwide on various topics including the terrorist attack, emergency planning, risk & business continuity.

Gillies has successfully completed an MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management through Leicester University and was shortlisted for the Business Continuity Manager of the year in 2012 at the prestigious CIR awards in London.

On his off-duty time, he spent 9 years as a retained firefighter with Lothian & Borders Fire & Rescue, attending a wide variety of incidents including aircraft accidents. About the IAFPA, Gillies says, ' I feel that IAFPA helps to broaden the network of aviation related firefighting as a truly international organisation committed to sharing the knowledge and expertise which is in abundance throughout the world.'

Colin Simpson

IAFPA Director

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Colin Simpson (Director)

Colin is a founding member of the IAFPA and was a Station Officer within Royal Berkshire Fire & Resuce Service in the UK. He had 30 years service and served his last 20 years of service within a Fire Safety roll with operational and Fire Investigation commitments.

Colin's present role is CEO - FireNet International Ltd and Crisis Response Jounal.

Colin's comments are the same today as they were in the beginning. 'The main purpose of the IAFPA is to establish a coming together of all the services throughout the World that may find themselves at an incident involving a crashed aircraft. This is not just for the Airport Fire Fighters but also the Local/Municipal Fire Departments, Law Enforcement and National/Local Governments'.

Colin Murray

IAFPA Director

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Colin Murray (Director)

Colin has worked within the aviation industry for 18 years and has held the position of Fire Service Manager at Edinburgh and Aberdeen Airports. Colin brings a wealth of knowledge from his 16 years in the retained service working for Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service as well as being a long standing member of IAFPA. More recently Colin has worked closely with the CAA and has successfully delivered approval for Edinburgh Airport Fire Training Centre to deliver Aviation Fire fighter Courses as an Approved Training Provider. Colin is Head of Airside Operations and responsible for all aspects of airfield strategy, policy, and operational delivery at Edinburgh Airport. Colin role includes responsibility for Emergency Planning and Resilience at Edinburgh Airport and understands the importance and need for good communications and networking with other organisations. Colin is firm believer in sharing best practice throughout the aviation industry and fully support this ethos through his involvement with IAFPA.

Neil Swailes

IAFPA Director

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Neil Swailes (Director)

Neil Swailes, recently promoted to Chief AES Officer, Airport Emergency Services(AES), Auckland Airport. Neil started his career working at Auckland Airport in the Emergency Services department in 1997. He has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Having worked his way up through the ranks , including being a union delegate, a Deputy Crew Chief, and a Crew Chief , he currently holds the position of Chief managing four operational shifts and a training organisation with the ultimate goal of managing all emergencies within the airport precinct. Recently returned from the Singapore Aviation Academy, Neil was inducted onto the board of Directors for IAFPA.

During his time as an officer Neil has led and influenced some key initiatives from commissioning and transitioning firefighting vehicles and tactics, to the aspects of mental wellbeing and physical fitness for firefighters. He has a firm belief that as aviation firefighters the only way we can overcome our challenges is through strengthening and expanding our connections and relationships , learn from each other, and improve our performances as part of an industry collective

Brian McKinney

IAFPA Director

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Brian McKinney (Director)

In 1987 Brian joined the Dallas Fort Worth Airport Department of Public Safety as a Public Safety Recruit. He served for three years in various Police and Fire Service Divisions becoming a HazMat Technician and a member of the Hazardous Materials Team. In 1990 Brian served as a Fire Captain in the Fire Rescue Division. In 1992 he was selected for promotion to Battalion Chief and served as the Hazardous Materials Coordinator and Shift Training Coordinator for the Fire Rescue Division.

In 1999 Brian was promoted to Assistant Chief of Operations over the Fire Rescue Division. He also served as the Assistant Chief of Training over the Career Development Division and assumed responsibility for all Fire Training (internal and external) and Public Safety Applicant processing at DFW Airport.

In 2007, Brian was promoted to Fire Chief of DFW International Airport. His duties include assisting in the overall planning, directing and coordinating of Airport public safety functions; leading the fire service emergency response programs; providing professional development of fire service personnel; managing an International Fire Training Research Center facility; providing customer safety programs and participating in emergency and disaster planning. Under Brian’s leadership, DFW Airport Fire Service continues to set the standard of safety and training excellence that the world has come to expect as he represents the Airport in numerous local, state, national, and international organizations and associations.

Glenn Wood

IAFPA Director

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Glenn Wood (Director)

Glenn commenced employment with Airservices Australia – Aviation Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) service in 1986 at Perth Airport in Western Australia. From 1986 until 2002 he worked at various locations and rank levels, including a secondment to the ARFF training college as an Instructor in 2001. In early 2003 Glenn was promoted to the position of Fire Station Manager at Canberra Airport in the Australian Capital Territory.

In 2004 Glenn joined the ARFF Senior Management team as a Superintendent and in 2005 was promoted to his current level and became a member of the ARFF Executive. From 2005 to 2008 Glenn was the Australian representative on the ICAO ARFF Working Group and in 2006/2007 he managed a project team to provide assistance to the ARFF service at Mumbai International Airport, India.

Glenn was seconded in early 2008 to negotiate the employment (industrial) agreements for all Airservices Australia’s employees (ARFF, Air Traffic Control and the Corporate/Support areas). In 2010 Glenn successfully completed his Master’s Degree in Management.

During 2011/2012 Glenn spent time working in the Airservices Air Traffic Control (ACT) group as a member of the ATC Executive. In late 2012 Glenn was asked to rejoin the ARFF Executive and take up the role of Chief Fire Officer. Glenn is now based at Airservices head office in Canberra, but also spends much of his time across AFF’s 26 Fire Stations.

Pete McMahon

IAFPA Director

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Pete McMahon (Director)

It goes without saying that Aviation Rescue Services’ Managing Director and IAFPA Director, Peter McMahon has a passion for Public Safety, with over 25 years’ experience in fire agency management, airport operations, disaster planning, response and recovery, and emergency services’ training programme development and delivery. During his tenure at Airservices Australia’s Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service (ARFF), he worked at five of the country's busiest airports including ARFF's Canberra Headquarters. Whilst working his way up through the ranks, he diversified from my operational role and managed several large key national projects.

Peter joined the Airservices ARFF senior management team and assumed position of Assistant Chief Fire Officer (National Operations Standards Manager). Peter was elected to the Board of the International Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFPA) and is also currently the Regional Manager for IAFPA in Australia and the Pacific region.

Peter has been very busy providing training and consultancy services internationally including Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, China,Mongolia, Fiji and throughout Europe.

Peter received the National Chairman's Award for Professional Excellence (Awarded by the Australian Federal Government), an Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) award, nomination for the Australian Fire Services Medal, a State High Achiever's Award and numerous commendations.

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