SAA-IAFPA Fire-Fighting Foam Seminar

Foam Seminar

Are you ready to make the switch to Fluorine Free Foams?

In the past, environmental considerations such as the toxicity and biodegradability of fire-fighting foams were not fully addressed. However, in 2002 when 3M voluntarily stopped production of a number of products including Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) because they contain and degrade into perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), which is considered by environmental authorities to be persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT), that the environmental impact of fire-fighting foams became a critical issue. The recent development of Fluorine Free Foams, which claim to be environmentally friendly alternatives to fluorinated foams, seems promising but some face issues with performance.

In today’s market, there could be various fire-fighting foam suppliers pushing their foam products onto uninformed parties. Thus, there exist a real possibility of them procuring the wrong type of foam for their very critical operations which may compromise the life safety of both the fire-fighters and public. As end users of fire-fighting foam, it is a challenge to select the right type of fire-fighting foam that meets both the performance and regulatory (environmental) requirements.

For the first time ever, Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) in collaboration with the International Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFPA) will be organising a two and a half-day fire-fighting foam seminar titled “The future of fire-fighting foams: Minimising its environmental impact for greater sustainability” to answer some of your queries.


The seminar will gather eminent Aircraft Rescue & Fire-Fighting (ARFF) and industry experts sharing their specialised knowledge on fire-fighting foam. Site visits to the Airport Emergency Service (AES) at Singapore Changi Airport and/or an Oil and Gas Refinery would be arranged subject to security clearance. Delegates will also get the opportunity to network with their counterparts and industry players including fire-fighting foam suppliers.


Designed exclusively for end users of fire-fighting foam such as ARFF services, the oil and gas refineries, bulk fuel installations, municipal fire brigades, ports and shipyards, fire engineering companies, insurance companies and airport/aviation planners.

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