World Civil Aviation Fire Chiefs' Meeting

1. Purpose:

To bring together a collective meeting of minds of Airport Chief Fire Officers from across the globe, in an effort to take a strategic overview of the current and future direction of aviation rescue and firefighting services at civil airports around the world.

2. Scope:

The meeting is open to any chief, deputy chief or assistant chief fire officer who forms part of the strategic command structure at a major airport or group of airports in the world. The meeting is not designed to discuss operational aspects of the day-to-day running of any ARFF unit, instead, taking a more strategic role in setting potential new policies and procedures across the industry.


The World Civil Aviation Fire Chiefs' Meeting, will be administered and run through the International Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFPA). The chair of the World Civil Aviation Fire Chiefs' meeting, will be appointed by the Chair of IAFPA and will be selected from one of the vice chairs of IAFPA.


Membership of the meeting will be by invite only and is open to Civil Aviation Fire Chiefs.

5. Objectives of the World Civil Aviation Fire Chiefs' Meeting:

  • • To provide a forum to discuss relevant topics associated with aviation rescue and firefighting at civil airports around the world;
  • • To provide a vehicle to bring forward ideas, visions, strategies and priorities for the improvement of ARFF services across the world;
  • • To discuss any nuances in legislative compliance and look to areas of good practice from airports around the world;
  • • To create a worldwide network for airport chief fire officers;
  • • To assist in benchmarking services and setting of key performance indicators;
  • • To discuss risk issues surrounding responses to incidents and events; and
  • • To share learning from incidents, accidents and events.

6. Protocols for delegation are:

Group members are not required to attend each meeting and should not automatically delegate attendance to a subordinate. When a Group member is unable to attend, yet have representation at the meeting, attendance may be delegated to a deputy only after confirmation from the chair of the meeting or the chair of IAFPA.

7. Frequency:

The meeting will look to be held at least annually. The meeting will usually be run immediately prior to IAFPA conferences to which a number of fire chiefs will be attending. For specific topics, or to ensure additional detail can be discussed, it may be prudent to arrange for short duration working groups or telephone/skype conferences as required.

8. Administration:

  • • IAFPA will provide the secretariat to the MRGG.
  • • Actions will be tracked and sent to group members
  • • Minutes of each meeting will be maintained

Gillies Crichton
Chair of the World Civil Aviation Fire Chiefs

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